Wk 15 – Design Your Life

My 3 Possible Futures

The current thing I would be doing in the future is either working, studying to get my MBA, or playing/watching/teaching/learning basketball. I obviously need money to survive therefore I would have to work; I am planning to continue my education after my undergraduate and get my MBA. Lastly, whenever I am not doing the other things I am doing something that involves basketball so I would like to pursue that in the some way. I’d do this by practicing and continuously playing with the players that play overseas, in the Drew Leagues, and other leagues. Also I would speak to the basketball trainers so they could teach me drills and other things so I could teach my brother and other kids and maybe go train one day. In terms of school I would continue working the job that I have right now and go to school at the same time probably part time. I predict it would take me like three years but in the end it will all be worth it.

Evaluations: Resources: 50/100, Confidence: 80% Full, Impact: 70%, Satisfaction: 85%


If basketball were to disappear tomorrow, like I said I would probably either be studying or working. But instead of studying Accounting or some sort of Business field, I would be striving to obtain a degree in some sort of medical field. Something that involves sports and physical activity at first, then maybe something else. Now if I can’t go back to school, I would try to get some certifications or something that would expand my knowledge further in the field I want to chase. To get my medical degree it would probably be the same plan get my degrees and then perhaps try to work or start my own firm or some sort. Also I would try to find a way to mix the medical office with maybe like a law firm so that we would be prepared for any legal actions if necessary.

Evaluations: Resources: 80/100, Confidence: 60% Full, Impact: 90%, Satisfaction: 80%


Hypothetically if I was financially secure I do not know what I would be doing. I think I would probably be doing something involving basketball. I would like I said earlier be playing, teaching, learning, or watching basketball. Or maybe being a sports doctor and try to help players coming back from injuries or how to prevent injuries. If those two aren’t the case I would try to travel the world and really go to the important and most hidden places I could find and try to really enjoy and explore each city. I would adventure by talking to the locals but doing so with no type of valuables with me and maybe a couple people. I would also take a weapon or two because a lot of the locals like to take advantage of you. And I think of the worst outcomes so I feel like I would get chopped up and sold or something.

Evaluations: Resources: 30/100, Confidence: 80% Full, Impact: 40%, Satisfaction: 95%


Rapid Prototype: I have talked to a couple professional basketball players here and there that have either played overseas or in the D League. I enjoy picking their brains about the process behind becoming successful and what it’s like in those situations in different cities and countries. I have also spoken to a few physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors to see what is like in their shoes. But, I have mostly spoken to them about sports related things like how to prevent injuries and how to deal injuries afterwards.

Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Dylan Chhin

The classmate I had a conversation with was a man named Dylan Chhin. Dylan had actually grew up in Long Beach, just like me so that was pretty interesting. We talked about the schools we went to and he went to Millikan. We also spoke about how we knew people from each other’s middle schools and then began talking about other hobbies. Dylan is interested in Computers and his major is also relates to Computers. He also likes to play games on the computers, and I found that fascinating because I used to play as a kid, and haven’t much since. I always wanted to build one because I was interested to see how everything worked and what its function was so I never had to call anyone to fix mine when it breaks. I had a great time talking to Dylan because we had many things in common and aside from just that he seemed like a good person.


Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Andrew Hoang

I did not make it to class this week but I made sure to prepare if something like this ever happened. Weeks prior I made sure to introduce myself to a couple people and do a few classmate conversations at once so I at least meet new people even if I never get to post about it. But this week I had to use a back up. I had met Andrew earlier in the school year but that does not stop me from highlighting him on my post this week. He is undeclared right now but he is interested in Accounting. I am also an Accounting major so we were talking about classes for a little bit. It is his first year at CSULB so he is lucky enough to be undeclared and explore different fields. Outside of the classroom he likes playing games and hanging out with his friends. He has a PC and also built one like the other people I met in class. I used to play a lot of Call of Duty but he plays Counter Strike instead. I heard the game is really hard on the PC and makes Call of Duty look like a joke. Aside from video games and school, during the weekends he works at a Chinese restaurant. IMG_8634

WK 15 – Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

I was not feeling to well during class time so unfortunately I was not able to experience this fully with the class. Although, I did make some time this week when I felt better and made my way down there and I am really glad I did. I have lived in Long Beach my whole life and never been here before. It was amazing to see all the different structures and the little animals that were around too. The buildings were amazing and I love the architecture behind them. While I was there I appreciated the different style of the buildings and thought it was beautiful; I had really missed out on the gardens for quite some time. This garden had brought me back to the third grade during the summer when I went to this summer camp at my elementary school. I’m not sure if it was the buildings or what, but it made me remember this field trip we went on; I remember it being a lot of fun hanging out the older kids. Also we watched a movie and went to the Mayor’s office that same day so it was long and exhausting but well worth it just like the garden. My hand drawing started really well but then my wrist looked like it was broken into 4 different parts and put back together. While my other drawings may look horrendous, what I saw with my eyes can not be put in words let alone redrawn on paper.

Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Brandon Hoang

During class time I had met Brandon Hoang. The 6 foot plus, first year student Brandon is super chill. I’m not sure why but we have a lot of engineers and computer science majors in our class, at least all the people I have spoken to like Brandon. He is a computer science major. In his free time Brandon likes it play games like CS:GO and Overwatch; when he is not gaming he is either doing homework/studying, going to the gym, or hanging out with friends. He currently lives in the Orange County, Westminster area. He used to work at Roasting Waterfront. It was really cool talking to Brandon he is pretty similar to me with his hobbies so we got along well. IMG_8964


Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvatica 

Media: Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website/Instagram: N/A

Today in class I spoke with Laura Lopez. She is almost done getting her MFA in Painting and Drawing. Laura is from Columbia and also went to school in Germany. Currently in Long Beach, she displays her last exhibit before she receiving her MFA. Her work is based off her her love for nature shown by all the trees and animals.

Laura’s work does an amazing job at instantly getting your attention since all of her pieces are bright and colorful. It looks like someone took a hallucinogen like acid and created this in the woods. Her work is similar to a puzzle in the sense that the pieces connect together to form the finished piece. At first I did not know what was going on with some of the pieces, it looked like just a bunch of colorful lines but after staring at it for a few seconds you can see what she was going for.

The inspiration for Laura’s work comes from the woods. Being from Columbia and its climate and weather conditions, makes it home to the world’s most jungles. Laura has actually gone into the jungles in South America and what she saw is what we are seeing with a mix of Laura’s style. This is what she bases her work off of, but in a more colorful way.

I was a huge fan of Laura’s paintings. The second I walked in it had caught my eye and compared to the other exhibits I was not as fascinated so that is why I spoke to Laura. I loved the color schemes she used to portray the river the pink, purple, and orange actually went well together. I thought her work was exceptional because she brought a piece of herself from South America.


Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Travis Lober

Artist: Travis Lober
Exhibition: WORK: It’s a four letter word
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: n/a

When Travis Lober was young, he was always intrigued by art. His family was all about art so he grew up with art around him. His father even had his Bachelors in Fine Arts. Travis also was a construction worker. Now he is a student here at CSULB’s School of Art, also pursuing his Bachelor’s in Fine Art along with a Masters in Printmaking. Lober used to work freelance doing constructions for kitchens and bathrooms. Just like I assumed the exhibit was inspired by his work as a construction worker.

The feel for his artwork is very realistic with so much detail and has at most two colors. All of his pieces are based on woods and tools.  He chose cool tone colors in order to prevent the bright ones from taking attention from the actual art work.  They all look like they fit perfectly together and there is definitely bright in it. The only thing I see is tools and the colors make it look so rugged that it also has an element of hard work.

It’s A Four Letter Word was influenced by his job as a construction worker. He discovered his passion for a variety of tools while working. Each work of art required like his job requires proper planning and structuring of tools. It took about three years to finish these pieces of art which is crazy to me, that long to finish one project is unreal.

This was a great exhibit. Actually I enjoyed all of the exhibits this week but this one stuck out to me the most. I am all about hard work and getting my hands dirty if need be. I find it to be kind of fun and reminds me of childhood not caring about getting dirty. Lobern connected his job and passion; he did is so well it is still very incredible. Each of these pieces all fit together so perfectly and the colors make it perfect. I can’t stop talking about the colors because they are a key element to show ruggedness and hard work. I like how it didn’t require many bright colors. It is clear that this was very thought out and not random he connected two huge things that are a part of his life, and I applaud his hard work.

Wk 12- Art Activity- Ethnography

Today for our assignment we had to make it through the night with no electricity. I started around 6ish and went to the beach thinking I can make it through the whole night at the beach. After wandering around for a while I decided probably wasn’t the best idea because I didn’t want to be dissected by the homeless or worse. I made my way the nearest park and thought about sleeping on the basketball courts after practicing my jumper all night. But as of lately Long Beach has been hot with a lot of gang violence and straight up murders, considering I do not live in the best neighborhood I came to the conclusion that my home was probably best. I went to my room unplugged everything so I would not have the urge when I got bored. Since, I was too lazy to leave my bed once I got settled I knew I would not get up to plug anything in. I turned my phone off and laid there not knowing what to do. I made sure to light a lavender candle because I needed some form of light and the smell was relaxing. I thought the candle would help me sleep sooner so I wouldn’t die of boredom but that wasn’t the case. I walked around my room with the candle, opened my bookshelf and pulled out The Looking Glass Wars. I just smiled because I remember how much fun I had reading this book when I was in 4th/5th grade. I honestly have not read for entertainment since then, only as a means of studying or learning so that was a huge change. I made my way through most of the book that night but did not get to complete it. Luckily for me while reading I got drowsy and began to drift off, so I blew the candle out set my book down and went to bed. All in all this made me reminisce on the good times I had as a kid by just reading. It reminded me that I do not need electronics as entertainment I can pick up a book anytime and be just as captivated if not more. I thought it was going to be easier but it was challenging. It was liberating though and I felt as though I slept better because I was not staring at my phone. I think living without so much electricity makes your appreciate nature’s beauty more. Maybe things you never noticed before because we all have been staring at our screens. I think people survived without constant stimulation because they had better things to do then let electronics dictate their lives. My ideal level of life activity would limit electronics because we are really drifting away from communication face to face and actually knowing information since we can Google anything, I am guilty as well.


WK 11 – Classmate Conversation – Jeremy McCoy

Today in class I was introduced to Jermey McCoy from my friend Milon. Like me, Jeremy likes to play video games, but he has an Xbox unfortunately. I usually stick with NBA 2k on the PS4 most of the time but I also do like First Person Shooter’s as well. He is more of a First Person Shooter kind of guy; he likes Battlefield, Call of Duty, Fallout, and Halo. I am not going to lie though, the only thing I miss about Xbox is Halo because that brings back so many memories from like middle school. He likes these shooters, I am assuming because he is in the Road to the Commander (ROTC) program like Milon. He told me in game that he goes through the drills taught to him during ROTC. Because of this crazy program, he is here extremely early at like 4 a.m. He works part time at CVS and he believes in Christianity as well. He is not extremely religious but tries to be at least somewhat religious. During his free time he likes to exercise, hit the gym and workout along with hanging out with friends, drinking, and just having a good time basically. What topped it off was that he was also a Laker fan, and the second someone tells me they are a Laker fan they are already a friend of mine. Aside from all of that it seems like Jeremy is a good person and I look forward to hanging out with him more.

Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Yujia Gu

Artist: Yujia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the US

Media: Graphic Design

Gallery: CSULB Art Galleries, Dutzi

Social Media: yujiagu.squarespace.com


About the Artist

The artist of this exhibition Yujia Gu is a third year graduate student on the way to obtain her Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Before trying to get her Master’s degree Yujia Gu came to the United States from China. In China she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design as well and came here to continue her dreams.

Formal Analysis

Gu used vinyl sticker material to spread her message. It was used to explain, the message of gun violence across one of the walls, covering the entire wall. Furthermore, Gu had used technology to record other countries around the world where gun violence is reported and through comparison less deadly. She also included a recording of her mother speaking in Chinese which was translated into her mother’s concerns with her daughter’s safety. On the other side of the exhibit she posted pictures of many children who have been victims of gun violence as tribute. She made this piece in black and white because she believes it has a more of an effect and impacts the audience more as oppose to color.

Content Analysis

This exhibition was made to inform us of gun violence mainly in the United States, but also from other countries and to compare the numbers. This message is huge for us in the United States because we are going away from peace. It needs to be acknowledged how serious this issue is. According to Gu, it took over a years worth of research to put this exhibition together. Gu took a big risk moving from the China to the US just to study because she was interested in the gun violence per culture. Her mother was concerned for her safety since China hears of the awful gun violence that occurs where they target minorities. Three years Gu has lived here in the United States and she has gotten used to the gun violence constantly; however, she hopes for gun control to improve and people to become more peaceful using words not violence.

My Experience

To me personally this exhibition was very powerful and much needed. This is a huge problem that we are facing right now in America, instead of loving each other it is okay to be racist and say derogatory things especially with Trump at the reign.When Gu told us that in China carrying a gun is illegal, while here, the United States people are all for it. I saw guns at Walmart and Dicks the other day and was surprised. My opinion on guns is not that I am completely against it or is it completely for it. I think it is better to resolve issues with words and even fists before weapons if need be. But killing someone is just not necessary. I understand how a gun can be used as protection but try avoiding the issue by swallowing your pride and running away; at least they will know you are not trying to be a threat and could avoid dying. In conclusion, this exhibition did bring awareness to me and hopefully others as well; I hope that Gu can take this exhibit and publicly display it for all to see because I feel as though more people need to be informed of our deaths due to guns versus other countries. img_2322