WK1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

The day began as my friend, Milon and I met on campus. We called the hardware store to make sure they had all the supplies that were needed and headed over there. As we walked in, the lady was very helpful walking around grabbing everything necessary. We made our way to the beach, but on the way there we decided to grab some drinks which ended up being a wise decision. We got to the beach, unloaded everything we needed and went out to the water. I never used to play with sand as a kid, mostly just play beach football so this, was a bit different. We began digging into the sand trying to figure out how deep we wanted it, as the sun set it. It was a good thing we brought the drinks because it was getting really hot. Laying the plaster was a bit difficult because weren’t sure how deep we were supposed to go and how much plaster to put in, so it did not end up anywhere near the visuals on the website. Although, it was still pretty fun laying that out and watching what happened. I have not done anything like this before though in my life and I do plan doing a better job with plaster next time.


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