Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation – Colin Rogers

In class today I made friends with someone named Colin Rogers (https://colinrogerssite.wordpress.com). Colin is in his third year currently, and he is studying Electrical Engineering. Colin really seemed passionate about his craft when I was speaking to him. I mentioned in the previous classmate conversation post that my man Dylan was in the computer field and we discussed how building a computer was always interesting to me, like a crazy, complicated puzzle. Similar conversation started with Colin, he had told me he loved learning and messing with electronics and had built a computer from scratch. I picked his brain and he was able to give me a website (if I remember correctly I think it was http://www.pcpartpicker.com) along with some pointers that would make that process a lot easier.Outside of school, he continues his passion by experimenting with electronics aside from his computer, playing videos games, and just relaxing. He is only taking three classes to fully understand all of them as oppose to getting swamped and barely retaining the knowledge. That alone made me see his great desire to not just listen and remember but instead learn and apply; in addition, his huge smile while we were discussing electronics made it pretty clear!



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