Wk 2 – Landscapes with a Corpse

While thinking about ideas for the project I was wondering how I would like to go out, as ideas came into my mind I asked my friends “If you heard I died tomorrow, what would you think happened to me?” I have known these guys since childhood, preschool days so they know the way I think, and came with the same idea that had crossed my mind earlier, so it was pretty much settled after that. One of my more wilder friends actually had a useful prop so it ended up working out pretty conveniently. The conclusion we all came to is that eventually my big, loud mouth will end up getting me in trouble. I do not like being disrespected and get confrontational when it comes to issues with people so basically that is what I acted out. It was the Super Bowl and the Falcons just blew the biggest lead and lost, clearly I was already annoyed and began walking to my car because the game ended (I am very passionate about my sports teams; not really football but it was the Super Bowl, so why not). There were a few guys in the parking lot who started talking trash. So, I walked up to them after going to my car and asked if we had a problem. There was couple of them so I had made sure to bring some sort of protection and kept a slight distance. But it seems like I talked back to the wrong guys, because as the argument escalated I pulled my gun (which was the prop I was talking about earlier: my friend’s pellet gun) as they pulled theirs. Not noticing their tattoos earlier, they were gang members, Asian Boyz Crips from Long Beach. But there was a guy in the car who was ready for this and the second he saw reach for my gun, he had already began firing. I dropped the gun next to me as they quickly fled to safety.


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