Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Derek Chow

As I began walking to the Art Gallery I met up with a couple of my friends before class. We made our way to each gallery and I actually caught up with one of my friend’s from high school so that was interestingly random. Afterwards out of desperation I stopped a classmate with the name of Derek Chow (https://derekcsite.wordpress.com). It turned out stopping him was a good decision because he also watches the NBA, and I love basketball so that was huge. He started by telling me that instead of liking teams, he likes specific players. That was refreshing because I am tired of hearing about all the fake Warrior fans. Like me, he enjoys being active and needs to exercise often, more specifically he likes hiking. When he is not watching basketball, as a Science major, he is either studying or hanging out with his friends. Derek wakes up ridiculously early on the days he has classes which is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Since he commutes from LA, Derek has to leave Los Angeles at 6:30 am to get to class on time and find parking. Derek is not only a student at Cal State Long Beach, but he also works at an arcade. His favorite color is the color mint, and his favorite food is steak. Because we all love food we stopped discussing all other topics and started talking about strictly steak. Derek was quite interesting to meet, because he enjoys all the same things I do and his hobbies are quite similar to my interests. img_8247


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