Wk4 – Art Care Package

The person I decided to send my package to was my friend from school, who just got accepted into CSULB. He is transferring over from Golden West College and is a year older than me. Sending someone an art care package is similar to sending a snapchat because it shows that you were thinking about them. They both display a piece of what you are experiencing and how it relates/reminds you of the person receiving your message. It is different from sending a snapchat because you are sending physical items that you can keep forever as memorabilia; as oppose to sending them a picture that goes away in less than 10 seconds. I think my ephemera is valuable because not only does it bring back old memories, it also includes things that are useful to him. The Warriors/Clippers ticket that I included brings us back just a few weeks to that game. We had a great time, which started by pregaming in the parking lot, considering beer was $12 per glass. As we got inside and sat down, everyone instantly looked at us because we wore KOBE jerseys to a Warriors/Clippers game to show that the Lakers still run California. And once the game started the cussing began from us, since there were little kids present, all the parents began cutting us with the daggers they call eyes. But we are huge basketball fans so we embraced the hate and kept yelling. The CSULB jacket was basically a ‘Welcome to CSULB’ present and also a cultural icon because as of late it has been pouring like crazy. Lastly, the Evolution basketball, the ball we use to play. I had to include this because it is not my ball, it’s his, so this gave me a chance to return it since I had it in my possession for over a year. We have used this ball to play in countless numbers of games; I had tried dunking it more times than I could remember, we have gotten mad and thrown it at each other and so many more stories that probably are not appropriate. I think there is a huge difference between the art for larger audience and smaller audiences because the message you are trying to spread. For smaller audiences it is more like an inside joke, while I feel like for a larger audience it is more like a public message or a depiction of your life experiences. When things take away time and use effort you seem to value them more than things you can do without trouble, because we take those for granted. The difference in time does mean something because you could send someone a picture with a thousand hearts but I am sure if you send them flowers or even a card they would appreciate them more. At least for me because I keep all my postcards, yet delete all my pictures. Something like snapchat is fast and useful for getting a message to someone quickly while slow is better because it has you the appreciate time it takes to get there and not take it for granted because you had to be patient. I think preparing a meal with love does not have to do with how long it takes, it has to do with how it is prepared and the effort they put behind it. I am not the biggest fan of McDonalds, but if they are keeping their stations clean, really trying to make my food well while following my specific instructions to the dot I think that is made with some amount of love, but I can not compare that to a home cooked meal. The art care package does have a different sort of love; I think it is because it is physical and takes time and effort while snapchat takes a good 5 clicks. img_8370


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