Wk 5 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

I did my automatic drawing with my younger brother. I usually help him with homework and I liked the fact that I had to ask him for help this time. He was confused at first but once I explained how easy it was he was up for it. We used a regular black pen that was kind of thick. Instead of taking lead I let him guide the way as an experiment to see what would happen. It began with lines up and down and side to side but end with a circular figure. I thought it would be much more crazy and all over the place but the lines going up and down and side to side ended up fitting inside the circle which makes me wonder if my brother might have opened his eyes to make it slightly nicer even when it didn’t matter. In conclusion it was fun and a different pace than I am used to; I enjoyed spending time with my little brother making art anyone can do. circles-1


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