Wk 6 – From Art to a Story

*Meme Show*

**Carmina Correa**

Watercolor on canvas with Color Penciled outline

22″ x 27″


CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

I got out of bed, showered, brushed my teeth, and got ready for school. It was the first day of school; I was now a sophomore and even though I did not sleep much last night, I was ready. As I step out and into the street my friend is waiting for me and we begin walking to class. On the way to class we come across a dog, that looked rather familiar. This dog has been walking around our neighborhood for god knows how long, but our question was how did he end up near our school. Every time I saw this poor dog I made it a habit to give him a snack from my lunch so it was no different today. I always felt so bad looking at the dog because it looked malnourished and very weak but it was always running around. We walked into class and saw our friends so we began talking about our summer. After that class, we made our way to the next but unfortunately we did not have the same class this time. We split ways and I walked into my class and looked around and realized I was quite late, and I knew absolutely no one so I quietly sat near the back of the classroom. My teacher began going over the syllabus and everything became a boring blur. Class had finally ended and I began walking home. As I crossed the street I fell over due to the ground shaking. I had never experienced an earthquake this large while walking so I was confused and very scared. But, this was not just an ordinary earthquake. I could see smoke coming from a few miles away and saw a large figure. This figure was 25 feet tall and recognizable. It was the stray dog from this morning and every week I had seen him but this time it was humongous. I guess I might have fed it way too many snacks or maybe it ran across some radioactive food that changed its cells and made him into a giant. The stray dog was running through buildings and it had learning a few more tricks. Instead of rolling over the buildings or licking them until they toppled over or flew, he also learned how to shoot lasers from his eyes and was destroying cars, electricity lines, buildings, and everything it could get near. As I recognized the god dog, I ran to his direction as fast as I could. It took me about 15 minutes to cover 2 miles while he met me in the middle covering about 8 miles with ease. I began yelling and jumping around to get his attention so he would stop hurting people and damaging structures. He finally turned and looked at me with his glowing yellow eyes. In my mind I said what the hell was I thinking coming over here, what am I going to do against a god dog. Thankfully, he recognized me, that little kid that always gave him snacks. His eyes went back to normal as I began to pet him, he gave a good lick that had sent me flying 40 feet and knocked me unconscious. As I raised my head I woke up slightly shaking and confused; I looked around expecting to be in a hospital or frankly just dead in the afterlife. I was in a classroom, the boring rambling about the syllabus caused me to fall asleep and my “slight shaking” actually jolted my entire desk causing everyone to turn and stare. Since I was alone in the back the most they knew was I had my head down for a little; maybe I really was not ready for school and needed more sleep prior, but I smiled back at my classmates knowing I had survived a crazy dream.



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