Wk 6 – Art Activity – Basics of Basketball

This week I made a flipbook about the basics of basketball. img_8574 As you can tell from my icon at the top of my wordpress page I am a huge fan of Kobe Bean. I was wondering for a long time the topic of this project. I was going to take a Breaking Bad approach and write down the formula for meth after listening to “Cut it” by OT Genasis, but afterwards a way better idea came into my mind. I probably know more about basketball than anything else in this world. I have been playing since I was 5, unfortunately not as competitively as I would like but still I had my fun playing AAU against some elite high school competition and practicing against a couple insane D1 players when I get the time. I started with shooting because I felt like that would get the people interested. img_8575With Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson shooting all these shots people think it is okay to shoot ridiculously stupid shots and air ball completely. They don’t understand these NBA stars have worked countless hours before shooting difficult shots so I explained to them the importance of shooting GOOD SHOTS and how it causes the ball to move around because the floor is more spread out. But Kobe still remains the best. After that I went into dribbling because if you can not dribble you are limiting your game a lot.img_8577 You can not get to the spots you want and you can only move so much with out the ball, before getting fed up, especially if you have a good defender on you that sticks like glue. Speaking of sticking like glue I went into passing and how to pass properly by watching your opponent and then defense. I love defense, and hate when people do not play defense because it is an effort thing and if you aren’t trying get off the court.

So when I talked about defense I went kind of crazy and explained a lot of defense including the importance of rebounding. All of this is based on one man, Kobe Bean Bryant one of the best two-way players to ever step foot on the court. Thanks Kob.



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