Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Milon Aldama

Today in class I spoke to my boy, someone that I always talk to but this time I asked about more of his hobbies instead of just talking about life. I am talking about my homie, Milon Aldama. I met Milon last semester in my Comm110 class and we both agreed that Comm110 was complete BS although the upside was the friends we met in our groups. Milon is always at school insanely early because he is in the ROTC program, which gets you prepared for the Army. I thank Milon all the time because, while he is working hard and others are fighting for our country, normal citizens like myself are usually doing something stupid. He is also a sociology major and I enjoy people watching so we sit back and laugh about people’s actions sometimes. It seems like everyone in the ROTC program loves to drink and Milon is no different, we have had some good memories going out and having fun. Aside from all that he likes watching basketball, playing video games, and working out just like me. Not going to lie though, he is getting a lot bigger than I am but I’ll catch up real soon. He also has a job and unfortunately we have not been able to hang out too much this semester because of that. Furthermore the thing that sucks is that Milon has an Xbox One and I am a PS4 guy so we won’t be able to play together either. He has currently been playing For Honor and I am actually really jealous because that game has some great reviews. But this is all that is appropriate about Milon, if you want to know more about him, be sure to ask! img_8621.jpg


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