Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek

Artist: Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek

Exhibition: Doodles in Space

Media: Toilet seat covers

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Contact: @juliaanaaaab @tidawhitney

About the Artist

Juliana Bustillo  attends Cal State Long Beach and wants to obtain her Bachelors in Fine Arts. Her major is in painting and drawing. Spring 2017 is her final semester at CSULB and she plans to continue her studies on the east coast. Some people like her have always been good at drawing winning awards in competitions.

Tidawhitney Lek is from Long Beach. She is a senior at CSULB and is earning her Bachelors in Fine Arts. Her major is drawing and painting also and her plans post graduation is to go to grad school in the east coast. As a kid she has always enjoyed art but since their family couldn’t afford some materials she would get creative and paint on concrete using water. She came into college wanting to study in a field that will be in high demand; after more thought she decided to go with what made her happy which was art.

Formal Analysis

The Doodle in Space exhibit was something I was not expecting through that single door that was blocked off. That gave it a good mystery feel to it. After walking in that is when you could read the description and see that they were doing something in space. There was toiler seat covers all over the ceiling and pasted onto the wall. Toilet seat covers are very fragile so it is pretty cool how they found a way to make them stick like that. They did that using adhesive spray and drywall. The exhibit is a model of space, the black space in the exhibit stands for expansion and empty space for the universe while the white represents space like our planets.

Content Analysis

Tidawhitney and Juliana both love to just sketch and free hand draw. They said that they wanted to make this exhibit with less color because their previous one had too much. After experimentation, they began using less color which resulted to black and white. When putting the exhibit together they first started by working their way from the outside in. They started with the wall first, then moved to the middle. Tidewhitney said she thought the room might be too small in the beginning, but when she finished she liked the final look. They mentioned their choice in toilet seat covers because unlike any other paper these have a certain transparency that you can’t get else where. They included doodles because they are mindless drawing and they wanted to prove that it can still result in art.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I first went into the gallery, I was like why doesn’t anyone open the other door because there was a huge wall blocking one door. I thought it was interesting the walls were blacked out, I was a huge fan of this. First I was like what kind of paper is this, I thought it was the toilet paper from cheap public bathrooms. As I got close I was like wow they are actually toilet paper covers and some materials might actually be those little toilet papers I mentioned earlier. However, once I took my time observing the whole area, I thought it was really cool how they got these flimsy little things to stick together. The figures they made was really cool, I thought the one in the middle looked like cobwebs. The black and white mixed well and I think Juliana and Tidawhitney did a get job using really creative material.


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