WK 9 – Artist Conversation – David DeSantis

Exhibition Information

Artist: David DeSantis
Exhibition: Day Dreamer
Media: Printing, Ink, Paper, Screen Printing
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: @rapturefineart

About the Artist

David DeSantis is currently a senior California State University Long Beach as an undergraduate. He is in the Print Making program right now going for his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In the beginning David wanted to become a mechanic but he became more interested in art when he entered college. Aside from the enjoyment he gets from drawing and creating art, David likes to skateboard and snowboard along with listen to music like the rest of us; unlike myself he loves going to music festivals. It seems like a fun time just not my thing but David is an outgoing person and his personality matches with his art.

Formal Analysis

In David’s exhibition, Day Dreamer, he focused on figurative imagery and wanted to make a mark expressively. The piece “Gem Hard Shogun” has more of a straight and diagonal lines and the red lines make it seem that much more powerful and has a popping out effect.  The ‘abstract’ part of his work is demonstrated by the way he uses different shapes and abstract forms. His work consists of a lot of drips, splatter, and flow of the media according to him.

Content Analysis

David DeSantis said he drew a lot of this exhibit’s inspiration from music. He used music as an inspiration by using titles, beats, rhythms, and lyrics. “Gem Hard Shogun” and “Bite the Hand” seem more out there loud type of music, something like rock and roll or maybe even club rap, while his other pieces were more calm and less rugged maybe based off of something slower.

Synthesis/My Experience

I really enjoyed David DeSantis’ exhibit and was a huge fan of the different pieces, none of them were similar to the others. I was really surprised when he got inspiration from music because I do not see it directly but whatever helps him make art like that I support completely. But when he told me he listened to dubstep I could see how that could translate into some of his pieces. I am more of a club rap kind of guy but I do like dubstep and EDM from time to time, just as change and something new. The “Gem Hard Shogun” is my favorite piece out of the whole exhibit, because it looks neat yet rugged and the red on it makes it look powerful and dangerous like as if it was going to come out and get you.

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