Wk 10 – Art Activity – The Wedge

IMG_8786.JPGEarlier this week I made my way through CSULB and went to both wedges. One of my classes happens to be right there outside from our Art class so it was very convenient for me to sit there and watch what happens during those times. I spent most of my time near FA4 as oppose to the USU where I was just passing by. At the USU there is more of an issue with the wedge because people begin to line up and take turns like some strange stop sign intersection. I think we need to keep it there because I feel like if we get rid of it then a piece of history and possible stories goes along with it as well. The USU wedge is more populated and I had spent a lot of time on upper campus therefore I think that removing it would be quite sad for me to even witness. When it comes to the FA4 wedge there isn’t much of a traffic issue that I have faced. Granted I’m sure not a lot of people knew what that door led to until now, so that’s great. I think they should keep it the same and there is no reason to remove the tree. For the USU wedge I think they need to just block it off because instead of a shortcut it turns into a traffic stall which wastes even more time trying to get through. I think it’ll be better because it’ll just be more spacious and it will still remain there as a memory. The students would have a mixed opinion about it though. There needs to be a solution so I think if we keep it there but just block it off there would be some that are at least satisfied if not completely happy about the change.



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