Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Yujia Gu

Artist: Yujia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the US

Media: Graphic Design

Gallery: CSULB Art Galleries, Dutzi

Social Media: yujiagu.squarespace.com


About the Artist

The artist of this exhibition Yujia Gu is a third year graduate student on the way to obtain her Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Before trying to get her Master’s degree Yujia Gu came to the United States from China. In China she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design as well and came here to continue her dreams.

Formal Analysis

Gu used vinyl sticker material to spread her message. It was used to explain, the message of gun violence across one of the walls, covering the entire wall. Furthermore, Gu had used technology to record other countries around the world where gun violence is reported and through comparison less deadly. She also included a recording of her mother speaking in Chinese which was translated into her mother’s concerns with her daughter’s safety. On the other side of the exhibit she posted pictures of many children who have been victims of gun violence as tribute. She made this piece in black and white because she believes it has a more of an effect and impacts the audience more as oppose to color.

Content Analysis

This exhibition was made to inform us of gun violence mainly in the United States, but also from other countries and to compare the numbers. This message is huge for us in the United States because we are going away from peace. It needs to be acknowledged how serious this issue is. According to Gu, it took over a years worth of research to put this exhibition together. Gu took a big risk moving from the China to the US just to study because she was interested in the gun violence per culture. Her mother was concerned for her safety since China hears of the awful gun violence that occurs where they target minorities. Three years Gu has lived here in the United States and she has gotten used to the gun violence constantly; however, she hopes for gun control to improve and people to become more peaceful using words not violence.

My Experience

To me personally this exhibition was very powerful and much needed. This is a huge problem that we are facing right now in America, instead of loving each other it is okay to be racist and say derogatory things especially with Trump at the reign.When Gu told us that in China carrying a gun is illegal, while here, the United States people are all for it. I saw guns at Walmart and Dicks the other day and was surprised. My opinion on guns is not that I am completely against it or is it completely for it. I think it is better to resolve issues with words and even fists before weapons if need be. But killing someone is just not necessary. I understand how a gun can be used as protection but try avoiding the issue by swallowing your pride and running away; at least they will know you are not trying to be a threat and could avoid dying. In conclusion, this exhibition did bring awareness to me and hopefully others as well; I hope that Gu can take this exhibit and publicly display it for all to see because I feel as though more people need to be informed of our deaths due to guns versus other countries. img_2322


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