WK 11 – Classmate Conversation – Jeremy McCoy

Today in class I was introduced to Jermey McCoy from my friend Milon. Like me, Jeremy likes to play video games, but he has an Xbox unfortunately. I usually stick with NBA 2k on the PS4 most of the time but I also do like First Person Shooter’s as well. He is more of a First Person Shooter kind of guy; he likes Battlefield, Call of Duty, Fallout, and Halo. I am not going to lie though, the only thing I miss about Xbox is Halo because that brings back so many memories from like middle school. He likes these shooters, I am assuming because he is in the Road to the Commander (ROTC) program like Milon. He told me in game that he goes through the drills taught to him during ROTC. Because of this crazy program, he is here extremely early at like 4 a.m. He works part time at CVS and he believes in Christianity as well. He is not extremely religious but tries to be at least somewhat religious. During his free time he likes to exercise, hit the gym and workout along with hanging out with friends, drinking, and just having a good time basically. What topped it off was that he was also a Laker fan, and the second someone tells me they are a Laker fan they are already a friend of mine. Aside from all of that it seems like Jeremy is a good person and I look forward to hanging out with him more.


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