Wk 12- Art Activity- Ethnography

Today for our assignment we had to make it through the night with no electricity. I started around 6ish and went to the beach thinking I can make it through the whole night at the beach. After wandering around for a while I decided probably wasn’t the best idea because I didn’t want to be dissected by the homeless or worse. I made my way the nearest park and thought about sleeping on the basketball courts after practicing my jumper all night. But as of lately Long Beach has been hot with a lot of gang violence and straight up murders, considering I do not live in the best neighborhood I came to the conclusion that my home was probably best. I went to my room unplugged everything so I would not have the urge when I got bored. Since, I was too lazy to leave my bed once I got settled I knew I would not get up to plug anything in. I turned my phone off and laid there not knowing what to do. I made sure to light a lavender candle because I needed some form of light and the smell was relaxing. I thought the candle would help me sleep sooner so I wouldn’t die of boredom but that wasn’t the case. I walked around my room with the candle, opened my bookshelf and pulled out The Looking Glass Wars. I just smiled because I remember how much fun I had reading this book when I was in 4th/5th grade. I honestly have not read for entertainment since then, only as a means of studying or learning so that was a huge change. I made my way through most of the book that night but did not get to complete it. Luckily for me while reading I got drowsy and began to drift off, so I blew the candle out set my book down and went to bed. All in all this made me reminisce on the good times I had as a kid by just reading. It reminded me that I do not need electronics as entertainment I can pick up a book anytime and be just as captivated if not more. I thought it was going to be easier but it was challenging. It was liberating though and I felt as though I slept better because I was not staring at my phone. I think living without so much electricity makes your appreciate nature’s beauty more. Maybe things you never noticed before because we all have been staring at our screens. I think people survived without constant stimulation because they had better things to do then let electronics dictate their lives. My ideal level of life activity would limit electronics because we are really drifting away from communication face to face and actually knowing information since we can Google anything, I am guilty as well.



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