Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Travis Lober

Artist: Travis Lober
Exhibition: WORK: It’s a four letter word
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: n/a

When Travis Lober was young, he was always intrigued by art. His family was all about art so he grew up with art around him. His father even had his Bachelors in Fine Arts. Travis also was a construction worker. Now he is a student here at CSULB’s School of Art, also pursuing his Bachelor’s in Fine Art along with a Masters in Printmaking. Lober used to work freelance doing constructions for kitchens and bathrooms. Just like I assumed the exhibit was inspired by his work as a construction worker.

The feel for his artwork is very realistic with so much detail and has at most two colors. All of his pieces are based on woods and tools.  He chose cool tone colors in order to prevent the bright ones from taking attention from the actual art work.  They all look like they fit perfectly together and there is definitely bright in it. The only thing I see is tools and the colors make it look so rugged that it also has an element of hard work.

It’s A Four Letter Word was influenced by his job as a construction worker. He discovered his passion for a variety of tools while working. Each work of art required like his job requires proper planning and structuring of tools. It took about three years to finish these pieces of art which is crazy to me, that long to finish one project is unreal.

This was a great exhibit. Actually I enjoyed all of the exhibits this week but this one stuck out to me the most. I am all about hard work and getting my hands dirty if need be. I find it to be kind of fun and reminds me of childhood not caring about getting dirty. Lobern connected his job and passion; he did is so well it is still very incredible. Each of these pieces all fit together so perfectly and the colors make it perfect. I can’t stop talking about the colors because they are a key element to show ruggedness and hard work. I like how it didn’t require many bright colors. It is clear that this was very thought out and not random he connected two huge things that are a part of his life, and I applaud his hard work.


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