Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Dylan Chhin

The classmate I had a conversation with was a man named Dylan Chhin. Dylan had actually grew up in Long Beach, just like me so that was pretty interesting. We talked about the schools we went to and he went to Millikan. We also spoke about how we knew people from each other’s middle schools and then began talking about other hobbies. Dylan is interested in Computers and his major is also relates to Computers. He also likes to play games on the computers, and I found that fascinating because I used to play as a kid, and haven’t much since. I always wanted to build one because I was interested to see how everything worked and what its function was so I never had to call anyone to fix mine when it breaks. I had a great time talking to Dylan because we had many things in common and aside from just that he seemed like a good person.



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