Wk 15 – Design Your Life

My 3 Possible Futures

The current thing I would be doing in the future is either working, studying to get my MBA, or playing/watching/teaching/learning basketball. I obviously need money to survive therefore I would have to work; I am planning to continue my education after my undergraduate and get my MBA. Lastly, whenever I am not doing the other things I am doing something that involves basketball so I would like to pursue that in the some way. I’d do this by practicing and continuously playing with the players that play overseas, in the Drew Leagues, and other leagues. Also I would speak to the basketball trainers so they could teach me drills and other things so I could teach my brother and other kids and maybe go train one day. In terms of school I would continue working the job that I have right now and go to school at the same time probably part time. I predict it would take me like three years but in the end it will all be worth it.

Evaluations: Resources: 50/100, Confidence: 80% Full, Impact: 70%, Satisfaction: 85%


If basketball were to disappear tomorrow, like I said I would probably either be studying or working. But instead of studying Accounting or some sort of Business field, I would be striving to obtain a degree in some sort of medical field. Something that involves sports and physical activity at first, then maybe something else. Now if I can’t go back to school, I would try to get some certifications or something that would expand my knowledge further in the field I want to chase. To get my medical degree it would probably be the same plan get my degrees and then perhaps try to work or start my own firm or some sort. Also I would try to find a way to mix the medical office with maybe like a law firm so that we would be prepared for any legal actions if necessary.

Evaluations: Resources: 80/100, Confidence: 60% Full, Impact: 90%, Satisfaction: 80%


Hypothetically if I was financially secure I do not know what I would be doing. I think I would probably be doing something involving basketball. I would like I said earlier be playing, teaching, learning, or watching basketball. Or maybe being a sports doctor and try to help players coming back from injuries or how to prevent injuries. If those two aren’t the case I would try to travel the world and really go to the important and most hidden places I could find and try to really enjoy and explore each city. I would adventure by talking to the locals but doing so with no type of valuables with me and maybe a couple people. I would also take a weapon or two because a lot of the locals like to take advantage of you. And I think of the worst outcomes so I feel like I would get chopped up and sold or something.

Evaluations: Resources: 30/100, Confidence: 80% Full, Impact: 40%, Satisfaction: 95%


Rapid Prototype: I have talked to a couple professional basketball players here and there that have either played overseas or in the D League. I enjoy picking their brains about the process behind becoming successful and what it’s like in those situations in different cities and countries. I have also spoken to a few physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors to see what is like in their shoes. But, I have mostly spoken to them about sports related things like how to prevent injuries and how to deal injuries afterwards.


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