Wk 12- Art Activity- Ethnography

Today for our assignment we had to make it through the night with no electricity. I started around 6ish and went to the beach thinking I can make it through the whole night at the beach. After wandering around for a while I decided probably wasn’t the best idea because I didn’t want to be dissected by the homeless or worse. I made my way the nearest park and thought about sleeping on the basketball courts after practicing my jumper all night. But as of lately Long Beach has been hot with a lot of gang violence and straight up murders, considering I do not live in the best neighborhood I came to the conclusion that my home was probably best. I went to my room unplugged everything so I would not have the urge when I got bored. Since, I was too lazy to leave my bed once I got settled I knew I would not get up to plug anything in. I turned my phone off and laid there not knowing what to do. I made sure to light a lavender candle because I needed some form of light and the smell was relaxing. I thought the candle would help me sleep sooner so I wouldn’t die of boredom but that wasn’t the case. I walked around my room with the candle, opened my bookshelf and pulled out The Looking Glass Wars. I just smiled because I remember how much fun I had reading this book when I was in 4th/5th grade. I honestly have not read for entertainment since then, only as a means of studying or learning so that was a huge change. I made my way through most of the book that night but did not get to complete it. Luckily for me while reading I got drowsy and began to drift off, so I blew the candle out set my book down and went to bed. All in all this made me reminisce on the good times I had as a kid by just reading. It reminded me that I do not need electronics as entertainment I can pick up a book anytime and be just as captivated if not more. I thought it was going to be easier but it was challenging. It was liberating though and I felt as though I slept better because I was not staring at my phone. I think living without so much electricity makes your appreciate nature’s beauty more. Maybe things you never noticed before because we all have been staring at our screens. I think people survived without constant stimulation because they had better things to do then let electronics dictate their lives. My ideal level of life activity would limit electronics because we are really drifting away from communication face to face and actually knowing information since we can Google anything, I am guilty as well.



WK 11 – Classmate Conversation – Jeremy McCoy

Today in class I was introduced to Jermey McCoy from my friend Milon. Like me, Jeremy likes to play video games, but he has an Xbox unfortunately. I usually stick with NBA 2k on the PS4 most of the time but I also do like First Person Shooter’s as well. He is more of a First Person Shooter kind of guy; he likes Battlefield, Call of Duty, Fallout, and Halo. I am not going to lie though, the only thing I miss about Xbox is Halo because that brings back so many memories from like middle school. He likes these shooters, I am assuming because he is in the Road to the Commander (ROTC) program like Milon. He told me in game that he goes through the drills taught to him during ROTC. Because of this crazy program, he is here extremely early at like 4 a.m. He works part time at CVS and he believes in Christianity as well. He is not extremely religious but tries to be at least somewhat religious. During his free time he likes to exercise, hit the gym and workout along with hanging out with friends, drinking, and just having a good time basically. What topped it off was that he was also a Laker fan, and the second someone tells me they are a Laker fan they are already a friend of mine. Aside from all of that it seems like Jeremy is a good person and I look forward to hanging out with him more.

Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Yujia Gu

Artist: Yujia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the US

Media: Graphic Design

Gallery: CSULB Art Galleries, Dutzi

Social Media: yujiagu.squarespace.com


About the Artist

The artist of this exhibition Yujia Gu is a third year graduate student on the way to obtain her Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Before trying to get her Master’s degree Yujia Gu came to the United States from China. In China she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design as well and came here to continue her dreams.

Formal Analysis

Gu used vinyl sticker material to spread her message. It was used to explain, the message of gun violence across one of the walls, covering the entire wall. Furthermore, Gu had used technology to record other countries around the world where gun violence is reported and through comparison less deadly. She also included a recording of her mother speaking in Chinese which was translated into her mother’s concerns with her daughter’s safety. On the other side of the exhibit she posted pictures of many children who have been victims of gun violence as tribute. She made this piece in black and white because she believes it has a more of an effect and impacts the audience more as oppose to color.

Content Analysis

This exhibition was made to inform us of gun violence mainly in the United States, but also from other countries and to compare the numbers. This message is huge for us in the United States because we are going away from peace. It needs to be acknowledged how serious this issue is. According to Gu, it took over a years worth of research to put this exhibition together. Gu took a big risk moving from the China to the US just to study because she was interested in the gun violence per culture. Her mother was concerned for her safety since China hears of the awful gun violence that occurs where they target minorities. Three years Gu has lived here in the United States and she has gotten used to the gun violence constantly; however, she hopes for gun control to improve and people to become more peaceful using words not violence.

My Experience

To me personally this exhibition was very powerful and much needed. This is a huge problem that we are facing right now in America, instead of loving each other it is okay to be racist and say derogatory things especially with Trump at the reign.When Gu told us that in China carrying a gun is illegal, while here, the United States people are all for it. I saw guns at Walmart and Dicks the other day and was surprised. My opinion on guns is not that I am completely against it or is it completely for it. I think it is better to resolve issues with words and even fists before weapons if need be. But killing someone is just not necessary. I understand how a gun can be used as protection but try avoiding the issue by swallowing your pride and running away; at least they will know you are not trying to be a threat and could avoid dying. In conclusion, this exhibition did bring awareness to me and hopefully others as well; I hope that Gu can take this exhibit and publicly display it for all to see because I feel as though more people need to be informed of our deaths due to guns versus other countries. img_2322

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Brittany Waters

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox

Media: Ceramics, Sand, Photography

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @artbywaters

About the Artist 

Brittany Waters is a fourth year Undergraduate Senior at California State Long Beach who is studying in the Sculpture and Ceramics program. She is graduating at the end of this semester (lucky for her) with a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Ceramic Art. Brittany was born and raised in Sacramento, specifically Citrus Heights, California. She first got her Associates degree in Art Studio in Sierra Community College and then transferred over to CSULB in 2014. Her first love for art came when she was in middle school and she fell in love with the art class she took which was ceramics.

Formal Analysis/Content Analysis

Her exhibit had so many hand made ceramic turtles, according to her over 100. Each turtle took about three hours to make which is unreal, but not very surprising because they all had such incredible detailing and fine lines. The goal of her exhibit was to put notice on the issues of the environment. The exhibit really brought me back to Cancun for some reason, I think the beach chair really topped the exhibit off. Beaches nowadays seem to be filled with trash and on top of that you have drunk college students plaguing the beach with beer cans and using the wildlife as drinking props.

Content Analysis

This exhibit is about bringing awareness to sea turtles and just the wildlife in general. I have never seen a turtle nest’s on our beach and did not know that was a thing so it is clear that turtles need to be preserved. Water’s wildlife should not just exist and be protected only if they entertain us. When making each individual turtle, you could tell she really cares because she detailed every quality of a turtle so that she can make them look as realistic as possible.

Synthesis/My Experience

I loved this exhibit so much! I did not know what I was getting into when I first walked in but I can say this is probably my favorite exhibit I’ve seen at school so far. The reason I loved it is because like in the past from what I learned about art history this is more than art. It is a message and a positive one at that. Wildlife needs to be protected as a whole. Each turtle had so much time and detail put into it, you could clearly see that. With over a 100 turtles at 3 hours a piece that is real dedication to her craft. I think Brittany did an amazing job. Her attention to detail really brought this whole exhibit together and I was a huge fan, I look forward to seeing more exhibits likes this.

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Wk 10 – Art Activity – The Wedge

IMG_8786.JPGEarlier this week I made my way through CSULB and went to both wedges. One of my classes happens to be right there outside from our Art class so it was very convenient for me to sit there and watch what happens during those times. I spent most of my time near FA4 as oppose to the USU where I was just passing by. At the USU there is more of an issue with the wedge because people begin to line up and take turns like some strange stop sign intersection. I think we need to keep it there because I feel like if we get rid of it then a piece of history and possible stories goes along with it as well. The USU wedge is more populated and I had spent a lot of time on upper campus therefore I think that removing it would be quite sad for me to even witness. When it comes to the FA4 wedge there isn’t much of a traffic issue that I have faced. Granted I’m sure not a lot of people knew what that door led to until now, so that’s great. I think they should keep it the same and there is no reason to remove the tree. For the USU wedge I think they need to just block it off because instead of a shortcut it turns into a traffic stall which wastes even more time trying to get through. I think it’ll be better because it’ll just be more spacious and it will still remain there as a memory. The students would have a mixed opinion about it though. There needs to be a solution so I think if we keep it there but just block it off there would be some that are at least satisfied if not completely happy about the change.


WK 9 – Artist Conversation – David DeSantis

Exhibition Information

Artist: David DeSantis
Exhibition: Day Dreamer
Media: Printing, Ink, Paper, Screen Printing
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: @rapturefineart

About the Artist

David DeSantis is currently a senior California State University Long Beach as an undergraduate. He is in the Print Making program right now going for his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In the beginning David wanted to become a mechanic but he became more interested in art when he entered college. Aside from the enjoyment he gets from drawing and creating art, David likes to skateboard and snowboard along with listen to music like the rest of us; unlike myself he loves going to music festivals. It seems like a fun time just not my thing but David is an outgoing person and his personality matches with his art.

Formal Analysis

In David’s exhibition, Day Dreamer, he focused on figurative imagery and wanted to make a mark expressively. The piece “Gem Hard Shogun” has more of a straight and diagonal lines and the red lines make it seem that much more powerful and has a popping out effect.  The ‘abstract’ part of his work is demonstrated by the way he uses different shapes and abstract forms. His work consists of a lot of drips, splatter, and flow of the media according to him.

Content Analysis

David DeSantis said he drew a lot of this exhibit’s inspiration from music. He used music as an inspiration by using titles, beats, rhythms, and lyrics. “Gem Hard Shogun” and “Bite the Hand” seem more out there loud type of music, something like rock and roll or maybe even club rap, while his other pieces were more calm and less rugged maybe based off of something slower.

Synthesis/My Experience

I really enjoyed David DeSantis’ exhibit and was a huge fan of the different pieces, none of them were similar to the others. I was really surprised when he got inspiration from music because I do not see it directly but whatever helps him make art like that I support completely. But when he told me he listened to dubstep I could see how that could translate into some of his pieces. I am more of a club rap kind of guy but I do like dubstep and EDM from time to time, just as change and something new. The “Gem Hard Shogun” is my favorite piece out of the whole exhibit, because it looks neat yet rugged and the red on it makes it look powerful and dangerous like as if it was going to come out and get you.

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Wk 9 – Art Activity – Graffiti Writing

It may not seem like it but this was actually really hard for me to do. I thought tracing it out with a pencil would make it easier but then tracing over it with a marker and paint was really difficult and came out crooked and messed up. I am not artistic so the block letters were hard to make so I tried to compensate by using colors and patterns but like I said my artistic ability is sub par to say the least so it probably made it worse but it’s cool because I had fun. I really enjoyed doing the project because the block letters were free flowing so even though it came out looking horrible it felt good writing on the paper without worrying about neatness or symmetry. IMG_8709.JPG